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Tissue Homogenization & Cell Lysis Protocols

ClaremontBio's microHomogenizer™ & microDisruptor™ Tissue Homogenization Kits - Tissue Homogenization Protocol

ClaremontBio's OmniLyse® Cell Lysis Kit - Cell Lysis Protocol

gDNA & Protein Purification Protocols

ClaremontBio's PureLyse® gDNA Extraction Kit - gDNA Extraction Protocol

ClaremontBio's HisExpress™ Protein Purification Columns - His-tagged Protein Purification Protocol

ClaremontBio's OmniLyse® & HisExpress™ Cell Lysis and Protein Purification Combo Kits - Cell Lysis with Protein Purification Protocol

HisExpress His-tagged Protein Purification Column Animated Purification Protocol

Lysate Recovery Protocols

ClaremontBio's PrepTip™ Sample Recovery Tips - Lysate Recovery Protocol

Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser User Manual

ClaremontBio's Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser - Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser User Manual

Application Notes

Tissue Homogenization for RNA Isolation

microHomogenizer™ Cartridges: Rapid Homogenization of Tissue Samples for RNA Isolation

Tissue Homogenization for gDNA Isolation

microHomogenizer™ Cartridges: Rapid Homogenization of Tissue Samples


Novel Applications for Sample Preparation (2011)

A Fully Integrated Assay and Platform for Detecting Clostridium difficile (2011)

Point-of-care nucleic acid testing for infectious diseases (2011)

Mechanical Disruption of Lysis-Resistant Bactera using Miniature, Low Power, Disposable Device (2011)

Continuous-Flow, Rapid Lysis Devices for Biodefense Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Systems (2009)

Presentations and Posters

2011 Sample Preparation Presentation

Development of a novel, disposable device to aid in rapid detection of hard-to-lyse organisms associated with Hospital Aquired Infections

Development of a rapid nucleic acid sample preparation device for point-of-care diagnostics

Continuous-flow, rapid lysis device suitable for integration into pathogen detection systems

Components for Molecular Diagnostics

Rapid sample preparation, DNA amplification and detection of herpes simplex virus suitable for point of care applications

Simple System For Isothermal DNA Amplification Coupled to Lateral Flow Detection

Additional Information

Animated Product Video

Next Generation Sample Preparation

PureLyse® Kit and OmniLyse® Kit Data Sheets pgs 1 to 4

PureLyse® and OmniLyse® Kit Data Sheets pgs 5 to 8

Using the OmniLyse® Kit and HisExpress Kit for Protein Purification

Purelyse® Kit Comparison

Purelyse® Kit Binding Buffer MSDS

PureLyse® Kit Elution Buffer MSDS

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