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ClaremontBio believes in the value of working together across disciplines to create next-generation products. In order to continue pushing the envelope of sample prep technologies ClaremontBio has formed partnerships with several biotech companies, government agencies, academic institutions, and research organizations across the world.

With a focus on creating products that are ultra-rapid, easy to use, and friendly to the environment ClaremontBio is a premium partner for development of sample prep devices and protocols for a variety of molecular biology applications.

We strive to develop integrated solutions with leading manufacturers from the diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Helping partners by leveraging our exciting new sample and assay technologies to create products that are truly innovative and revolutionary is our goal.

ClaremontBio is continuously identifying new product, service, and development opportunities. If you are interested in working with ClaremontBio or have any question please feel free to send us an email at: