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Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser

Product Overview:
ClaremontBio's Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD) offers an inexpensive and reliable alternative for dispensing reagents onto membranes or paper. This ALFRD unit is ideal for development or small-scale production Lateral Flow or paper-based fluidic applications. ClaremontBio's Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser works with a syringe pump to drive reagents onto the nitrocellulose.

Highlighted Data from Publications using CBIO's Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD):

Title: Lectin-based Lateral Flow Assay: Proof-of-Concept

Year: 2016

Journal: Analyst

Authors: Damborsky P, Koczula KM, Gallotta A, Katrlik J

Institution Affiliations : Slovak Academy of Sciences; Xeptagen SpA

eference: Analyst. 2016. 141(23) 6444–6448. doi: 10.1039/C6AN01746K
Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: Mitigating the Hook Effect in Lateral Flow Sandwich Immunoassays using Real-time Reaction Kinetics

Year: 2017

Journal: Analytical Chemistry

Authors: Rey EG, O’Dell D, Mehta S, Erickson D

Institution Affiliations : Cornell University

Reference: Analytical Chemistry. 2017. 89(9): 5095-5100. doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.7b00638

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: Multiplexed Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Assay To Detect Intestinal Protozoa

Year: 2016

Journal: Analytical Chemistry

Authors: Crannell Z, Castellanos-Gonzalez A, Gayatri N, Rojelio M, White AC, Richards- Kortum A

Institution Affiliations : University of Texas Medical Branch; Baylor College of Medicine; Rice University

Reference: Analytical Chemistry. 2016. 88, 1610-1616; doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.5b03267

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: Aptamer-Phage Reporters for Ultrasensitive Lateral Flow Assays

Year: 2015

Journal: Analytical Chemistry

Authors: Adhikari M, Strych U, Kim J, Goux H, Dhamane S, Poongavanam MV, Hagström AEV, Kourentzi K, Conrad JC, Willson RC

Institution Affiliations: University of Houston; Centro de Biotecnología FESMA, Tecnológico de Monterrey

Reference: Analytical Chemistry. 2016. 87, 11660-11665; doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.5b00702

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: IronPhone: Mobile Device-Coupled Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Assessment of Iron Status by Quantification of Serum Ferritin

Year: 2017

Journal: Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Authors: Srinivasan B, O’Dell D, Finkelstein JL, Lee S, Erickson D, Mehta S

Institution Affiliations: Cornell University

Reference: Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 2017. 99(15): 115-121 .
#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)

Title: Rapid Detection of Escherichia coli O157 and Shiga Toxins by Lateral Flow Immunoassays

Year: 2016

Journal: Toxins

Authors: Wang J, Katani R, Li L, Hegde N, Roberts EL, Kapur V, DebRoy C

Institution Affiliations : Pennsylvania State University

Reference: Toxins. 2016. Mar 25; 92(8). doi:10.3390/toxins8040092

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: Persistent Luminescence Strontium Aluminate Nanoparticles as Reporters in Lateral Flow Assays

Year: 2014

Journal: Analytical Chemistry

Authors: Paterson AS, Raja B, Garvey G, Kolhatkar A, Hagström AEV, Kourentzi K, Lee TR, Willson RC

Institution Affiliations : University of Houston

Reference: Analytical Chemistry. 2014. 86(19) . doi:10.1021/ac5012624

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: NutriPhone: A Mobile Platform for Low-Cost Point-of-Care Quantification of Vitamin B12 Concentrations

Year: 2016

Journal: Nature Scientific Reports

Authors: Lee S, O’Dell D, Hohenstein J, Colt S, Mehta S, Erickson D

Institution Affiliations : Cornell University

Reference: Nature Scientific Reports. 2016. Jun 15; 6:28237. doi:10.1038/srep28237

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

: Towards a Point-of-Care strip Test to Diagnose Sickle Cell Anemia

Year: 2017

Journal: PLoS One

Authors: Bond M, Hunt B, Flynn B, Huhtinen P, Ware R, Richards- Kortum R

Institution Affiliations : Rice University; PerkinElmer; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Reference: PLoS One. 2017. May 16.

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: Sensitive Detection of Norovirus Using Phage Nanoparticle Reporters in Lateral-Flow Assay

Year: 2015

Journal: PLoS ONE

Authors: Hagström AEV, Garvey G, Paterson AS, Dhamane S, Adhikari M, Estes MK, Strych U, Kourentzi K, Atmar RL, Willson RC

Institution Affiliations : University of Houston; Baylor College of Medicine; Houston Methodist Research Institute

Reference: PLoS One. 2015. 10(5). 1-11; doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0126571

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Title: Simple System for Isothermal DNA Amplification Coupled to Lateral Flow Detection

Year: 2013

Journal: PLoS ONE

Authors: Roskos K, Hickerson AI, Lu H-W, Ferguson TM, Shinde DN, Klaue Y, Niemz A

Institution Affiliations : Keck Graduate Institute; Claremont BioSolutions

Reference: PLoS ONE. 2013. 8 (7): e69355.; doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0069355

#Automated Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser (ALFRD)™

Key Features

• Reproducible, well defined test lines
• No heating of reagents
• Non-contact, adjustable dispense tips
• Dispense colloidal conjugate or viscous solutions
• Interchangeable and low-cost dispense heads and tips
• Adjustable dispense volume
• Simultaneous dispensing of up to 4 lines (customizable for additional lines)
• Accommodates 30 cm membrane length of varying width
• Use your existing syringe pump or purchase from ClaremontBio
• Coming Soon: Adaptable to dispense dots for flow-through assays

Video Protocol:

User Manual:

ClaremontBio's Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser User Manual
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ClaremontBio's Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser
Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser
Catalog Number: 07.711.01
Price (Without Additional Items):$2,700.00

ClaremontBio's ALFRD™ - Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser is now officially available! The Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser is capable of producing multiple and reproducible lines simultaneously. If you are interested in learning more about this bench top device or would like to learn more about our academic specials, please contact us. or (855) 855-1777.

Assay Development Starter Kit for Lateral Flow - Small
Part No.: 07.600.01
Price (Without Additional Items):$2,000.00

ClaremontBio's Assay Development Starter Kit.
Fusion 200 Infuse/Withdraw Syringe Pump
Fusion 200 Two Channel Infuse/Withdraw Syringe Pump
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Fusion 200 Infuse/Withdraw Two Channel Programmable Syringe Pump