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Product Overview:

PureLyse DNA Extraction Kits are an exciting new product from ClaremontBio, capable of preparing PCR ready samples from whole cells, without the use of harsh chemicals or bulky lab equipment, in less than three minutes.

PureLyse Kits are a beta technology from ClaremontBio that have already become the new standard for DNA extraction in numerous laboratories that require a simple, efficient method for isolating nucleic acids for downstream analysis. PureLyse Extraction Kits are an ideal addition to any laboratory because of their small, compact size and easy to use 2-step protocol. Request a free sample of the PureLyse DNA Extraction Kit to see first hand how this exciting new technology can help your laboratory.

Key Features:

- Ultra-rapid, easy to use protocol requires only two steps and can be performed in under three minutes.

- Perform cell lysis and DNA binding in one step, eliminating the need for additional equipment and valuable lab space.

- Prepare PCR-ready samples with an extraction efficiency over 70% and LOD of less than 50 CFUs.


Cell Development Research

Forensics Testing
Genomics Research
Infectious Disease Studies

Any Protocol That Requires Nucleic Acid Extraction


Works with genomic DNA and RNA
Can efficiently disrupt even hard-to-lyse cell types


Figure 1:
Percentage of DNA recovered compared to number of elutions. Using the PureLyse® Kit, over 90% of DNA was recovered after only four elutions, in less than three minutes.

Figure 2:
Comparison of PureLyse® Kit DNA extraction efficiency to the leading extraction kit on

Literature and Resources:


  PureLyse Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit Protocol

  PureLyse Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit Visual Protocol

MSDS Sheets:

  PureLyse Kit Binding Buffer MSDS

  PureLyse Kit Elution Buffer MSDS

Additional Information:

  PureLyse Kit and OmniLyse Kit Data Sheets pgs 1 to 4

  PureLyse Kit and OmniLyse Kit Data Sheets pgs 5 to 8

  PureLyse Kit Cost Comparison Data

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