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What is EASE Bio?

     The E.A.S.E. Bio (Early Adopter Society for Experimental Biology) program was developed to establish a dedicated “go-to” team of ‘early adopters’ of Claremont BioSolutions’ (ClaremontBio) innovative products for bioscience research, including ultra-rapid cell disruption, simple DNA extraction, and fast protein purification. The new products constantly being released by ClaremontBio are invaluable to all life science fields that require ultra-rapid sample preparation of tissue or cells for the purposes of the downstream analysis of nucleic acids and/or proteins. Our primary goal is to simplify and accelerate how things are done in the lab! We are accelerating life in the lab!

     The E.A.S.E. program was created ‘by scientists for scientists’ who are simply interested in being on the ‘cutting-edge’ of technology in life science research. The goal of E.A.S.E. is to increase awareness of ClaremontBio’s novel technologies around the world as soon as they are released! You would be the first to try the latest devices from ClaremontBio -- your laboratory will be the envy of all the labs ‘on the block’! As part of the program, we will invite you to try our new technologies in your lab and share your positive feedback with others. Help spread the news!

     You and your lab will enjoy the unique benefits of becoming a member of E.A.S.E. Bio. As a member of the E.A.S.E. program, you will be the first to hear about new product releases, add-ons to existing products, discounted rates, special promotions, occasional newsletters (only if desired), along with special gifts and prizes (e.g. cool T-shirts, secret society membership rings, DNA decoder badges, stylish utility belts, etc.)! Don’t miss this opportunity to become a part of a special group of researchers who demand to be at the forefront of cutting-edge of technology and innovation in the lab!

     In addition, EASE members will be the first to be notified of special products, promotions, news at ClaremontBio, and special application notes.

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