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MicroMesh™ & TransferTips™ Sample Recovery and Transfer Tips.

Product Overview:

MicroMesh™ Filter Tips:

A new product from ClaremontBio specifically designed to provide high quality, consistent, sample recovery and with the ability to recover 2X more sample from any bead-beater or homogenizer compared to standard pipette procedures. The MicroMesh is comprised of a mesh in varying pore sizes and non-reactive plastics.


The ClaremontBio TransferTips are disposable & flexible syringe tips for easy collection, transfer, and recovery of samples in both laboratory and field research. TransferTips are suitable for a standard syringe, as well as complementing ClaremontBio's OmniLyse HL cell lysis procedures. TransferTips are comprised of a polypropylene luer securely attached to a non-reactive, flexible, blunt end tubing tip and come in a variety of gauge sizes.

Key Features:

PrepTip Video Demonstration:

MicroMesh™ Sample Recovery Tips Protocol
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TransferTip - Low Dead Volume - 48 Pack MicroMeshâ„¢ Filter Tips - 90 F - 48 Pack
TransferTips™ Kit - 0.8 inner diameter - 48 Pack - Pore Size: No Mesh, 100% Open Area. MicroMesh™ Filter Tips - 90 F - 48 Pack - Pore Size: 86 Microns, 46% Open Area.