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PureLyse® Bacterial gDNA Extraction Kits

For Gram-Positive or Gram-Negative Bacterial gDNA Extraction

Key Features:
- Rapidly extracts gDNA from bacterial samples in minutes
- Works with gram-positive & gram-negative cells, yeast, mammalian cells, spores, and many more
- Portable and disposable
- No centrifugation steps
- Simple protocol

Product Overview:
Claremontbio's PureLyse® Bacterial gDNA Extraction Kit is an ultra-rapid and disposable lysis and gDNA extraction kit. The PureLyse® Bacterial gDNA Extraction Kits utilize a bead beating method in the presence of ClaremontBio's proprietary binding and elution buffers to quickly shear open cells and simultaneously bind nucleic acid to the surface of beads inside of the PureLyse® chamber. The PureLyse® is operated by a battery pack and can be used anywhere. Compatible with most types of bacterial cells, the PureLyse® Bacterial gDNA Extraction Kit is an excellent fit for various downstream applications. The PureLyse® Kits are highly customizable and allow for easy integration into systems and applications for commercially available products or in earlier phases of product development.

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The PureLyse® system is an innovative, compact, and disposable kit that enables ultra-rapid lysis and DNA extraction for various laboratory applications.