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April 14, 2016 - Claremont BioSolutions’ Novel Sample Preparation Devices and Reagents Deployed in NASA’s Wetlab-2 Project Arrive to International Space Station

NASA's WetLab-2 Sample Preparation Module (SPM) utilizing ClaremontBio’s rapid lysis and RNA isolation technologies set to perform sample prep for gene expression studies on the ISS.

Upland, CA - Claremont BioSolutions, LLC, an innovator of rapid and easy-to-use sample preparation devices, announced today that components of its SimplePrep™ technology recently arrived on board the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the NASA Ames Research Center’s WetLab-2 project which was successfully delivered to the ISS on Sunday morning aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

While on board the ISS, the WetLab-2 Sample Prep Module (SPM) will be used as a research tool to help study how spaceflight affects gene expression in microbes and mammalian cells to shed light on molecular and cellular mechanisms in microgravity environments. Integrated in the heart of the SPM are customized components of ClaremontBio’s SimplePrep™ technology (OmniLyse®, microHomogenizer™, and RNAexpress™ devices with associated reagents), that will perform all-in-one lysis of bacteria, yeast, and mammalian cells and isolate total RNA for downstream analysis.

During the development of the SPM, ClaremontBio worked with the WetLab-2 team to adapt the components for use in the fully enclosed module. As part of NASA’s flight qualifications, ClaremontBio’s technology was rigorously tested for over two years, including efficiency and reproducibility tests in non-orbital, in-flight microgravity conditions.

ClaremontBio’s President and co-founder, Dr. Robert Doebler said “Claremont BioSolutions is excited and honored to be part of the WetLab-2 project. Our core devices are well suited for applications that require low power, compact size, and ease-of-use. WetLab-2’s Sample Prep Module will provide a unique validation of our technology.” He went on to say, “Collaborations such as this demonstrate the ability of ClaremontBio’s interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers to address needs in challenging areas of biological research. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with a talented team of similar-minded professionals at NASA Ames.”

In addition to integration of the SimplePrep™ technology in the SPM, ClaremontBio has expanded its sample prep product line by completing development of its automated SimplePrep™ X8 and X1 portable instruments that allow hands-free cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction of up to eight samples of tough-walled microorganisms in difficult sample matrices within six minutes.

About Claremont BioSolutions, LLC
Claremont BioSolutions ( is a privately held, emerging growth technology company specializing in miniaturized, disposable devices, as well as automated multiplexed instruments, that provide solutions to what is recognized as the “bottleneck” of nucleic acid diagnostics – sample preparation. The company has developed proprietary disposable devices that employ micromotors capable of performing very rapid and efficient mechanical tissue homogenization, cell lysis, and nucleic acid extraction.

Robert Doebler, Ph.D.
President and co-founder
Claremont BioSolutions, LLC
E‐Mail: rdoebler(at)
Phone: (909) 920-3887
Fax: (909) 946‐1132
Address: 1182 Monte Vista, Ave., Suite 11
Upland, CA. 91786


  • April 14, 2015 - IncellDx, Inc. Signs Exclusive License with Claremont BioSolutions to Commercialize Novel Liquid-Based Biopsy Technology

Companies’ Combined Technology Produces a “Universal” Sample from Liquid, Fresh or Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Tissue for Multiplexed Cell Analysis by Flow or Image Cytometry

MENLO PARK, Calif., Apr 14, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- IncellDx, Inc. announced today the signing of a worldwide, exclusive license and supply agreement with Claremont BioSolutions (Upland, CA) to couple their enzyme-free tissue homogenization technology with IncellDx’s patented reagents. The combination forms a sample preparation system called IncellPrep™ Liquid Biopsy, to prepare “universal” cell suspensions formed from either fresh or FFPE tissue. The IncellPrep Liquid Biopsy can be used with IncellDx reagents for multiplex detection of protein, mRNA, and DNA in intact cells by flow or image cytometry.

Bruce Patterson, M.D., CEO of IncellDx commented, “This exciting marriage of technologies circumvents the problems of using different technologies for different specimen types by creating a 'Universal Specimen.' This will allow IncellDx to compete in the histology and immunohistochemistry (IHC) space with our single cell multiplex technology in cancer and infectious disease.”

“The IncellDx liquid biopsy technology is likely to have a major impact in cancer diagnostics and ClaremontBio is pleased that our unique cell dispersion disposables will help to make that possible,” commented Gary Blackburn, Ph.D., CEO of Claremont BioSolutions.

About IncellDx, Inc.

IncellDx, Inc. ( is a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to the detection and monitoring of life threatening diseases such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and organ transplant rejection. For more information, please visit our website.

About Claremont BioSolutions, LLC.

Claremont BioSolutions ( is a privately held, emerging growth technology company specializing in miniaturized, disposable devices and instruments that provide solutions to what is recognized as the “bottleneck” of DNA diagnostics – sample preparation. The company has developed proprietary disposable devices that employ micro-motors to perform very efficient mechanical tissue homogenization, cell lysis, and nucleic acid extraction.

March 14, 2014 - Claremont BioSolutions, LLC Announces Regent Supply Agreement with SeraCare Life Sciences.

Upland, CA

Claremont BioSolutions, LLC, pioneer of rapid sample preparation technologies, today announced an agreement with SeraCare Life Sciences to supply synthetic stool matrix for use in its quality control products. ClaremontBio has developed products for sample preparation of difficult-to-handle samples such as sputum and stool and has particular expertise in developing biologically relevant reagent formulations that mimic these sample types.

SeraCare recently released its new ACCURUN® 501 C. difficile Control – the company’s first molecular control product targeting hospital acquired infections. C. difficile testing is performed by detecting bacterial DNA isolated from stool samples, an area that ClaremontBio has been pursuing in research supported by the National Institutes of Health over the past four years.

Under the agreement, Claremont BioSolutions will supply its proprietary synthetic stool formulations to SeraCare for use in its products and for the development of future products.

About Claremont BioSolutions, LLC.
Claremont BioSolutions ( is a privately held, emerging growth technology company specializing in miniaturized, disposable devices that provide solutions to what is recognized as the “bottleneck” of DNA diagnostics – sample preparation. The company has developed proprietary disposable devices which employ micro-motors to perform very efficient mechanical tissue homogenization, cell lysis, and nucleic acid purification. Their efforts toward solving sample prep challenges with hard to handle sample matrices and pathogens have led the company to its development of unique reagents and buffers that are of broad interest in the diagnostics industry.

Gary Blackburn, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Claremont BioSolutions, LLC
E‐Mail: gblackburn(at)claremontbio(dot)com
Phone: (626) 825‐6962
Fax: (909) 946‐1132
Address: 1182 Monte Vista Ave., Suite 11
Upland, CA. 91786


March 14, 2014 - Claremont BioSolutions, LLC Announces Issue of Key Patent.

Upland, CA, March 17, 2014 – Claremont BioSolutions, LLC today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a foundational patent covering its SimplePrep™ micromotor‐based rapid sample preparation technology. The patent, US 8,663,974, describes devices that are used to prepare samples for DNA analysis using low-cost vibration motors that are repurposed from the cell phone industry. The miniature motors provide mechanical energy necessary to disrupt cell membranes of any cell type, even hard to lyse cells such as bacterial spores. The patent also describes similar devices that incorporate ceramic beads to both aid the lysis process and extract and purify the DNA/RNA released from the cells. The patented cartridges can be disposable and produce purified nucleic acids in less than five minutes.

Claremont BioSolutions CEO Gary Blackburn commented that “it is rewarding to see the patent office validate the novelty of this technology; we expect to use these devices in collaborations with diagnostics companies that want to incorporate a reliable, rapid, and inexpensive sample prep technology into point-of-care (POC) consumable cartridges.” He went on to say, “These devices are also attracting interest among companies that desire to implement tissue homogenization processing on robotic liquid handler platforms. This technology is the first real advance in the sample prep industry that has largely relied on decades-old methods and devices since the 1980’s.”

The company has commercialized several single-use devices for lysing cells, extracting and purifying nucleic acid, and homogenizing tissue samples on its website ( “We are developing a simple instrument that will process up to eight cartridges simultaneously in less than five minutes, with each cartridge delivering the purified DNA to an Eppendorf tube, ready for analysis.” commented Robert Doebler, President and co-founder of ClaremontBio. “Our customers are surprised that sample prep can be so simple and rapid, especially in a completely disposable device that doesn’t require a centrifuge or any other lab equipment -- just a AAA battery pack and a pipettor or syringe is all that is required.”

About Claremont BioSolutions.
Claremont BioSolutions ( is a privately held, emerging growth technology company specializing in disposable devices that provide solutions to what is recognized as the “bottleneck” of DNA diagnostics – sample preparation. The company has developed proprietary devices which employ micromotors to perform very efficient mechanical cell lysis and DNA purification.

Gary Blackburn, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Claremont BioSolutions, LLC
Phone: (626) 825‐6962
Fax: (909) 946‐1132
Address: 1182 Monte Vista, Ave., Suite 11
Upland, CA. 91786

August 20, 2013 - Instagram & Vine Contest.

Claremont BioSolutions - Vine & Instagram Video Contest

Claremont BioSolutions is pleased to announce a video contest on Instaram and Vine, from August 20th, 2013 to September 25th, 2013. The contest challenges researchers to post a creative video on Vine or Instagram and using a the hash tag #claremonbiocontest added to the video. Once videos are submitted, they will be reviewed by Claremont BioSolutions and the winners will be announced on September 15, 2013. The grand prize is a $25 gift card to Starbucks, second place will receive a ClaremontBio T-shirt. The official rules are included below.

The official contest rules:
  1. A single entrant will win the grand prize of a $25 Starbucks gift card.
  2. A single second place winner will receive one Claremont BioSolutions graphic T-shirt of chosen size.
  3. All videos/entries must be uploaded with the hash tag " #claremontbiocontest ".
  4. Only one entry per Vine and/or Instagram account/user will be considered.
  5. Videos/entries must adhere to Vine and Instagram official Terms Of Use.
  6. Videos/entries must contain the image of at least one product of Claremont BioSolutions, or product name.
  7. Videos/entries uploaded must be laboratory oriented.
  8. Videos/entries uploaded may be creative in any fashion (humor, artistic, etc.) of the contestants preference.
  9. Videos/entries must adhere to any and all copyright laws that may apply.
  10. The winners of the grand prize and the second place prize must clam their prize by provide contact information to receive such prizes within 30 days of having been announced the. Unclaimed prizes will be forever forfeited.
  11. Any persons entering the contest must be 18 years of age or older.
  12. All persons submitting a Videos/Entry to #claremontbiocontest grants Claremont BioSolutions the nonexclusive irrevocable right to use the video materials for any purpose, including reposting on its own, or others, websites.
  13. Winners will be chosen by the management of Claremont BioSolutions and announced on 9/27/13.
  14. Employees and family members of employees of Claremont BioSolutions are not eligible to win any prize.

Link References:

Instagram: Terms of Use. Vine: Terms of Use.

August 6, 2013 - Biodetection & In-Field Assays for First Responders


In a white powder scenario, a large variety of field-deployable assays can be used to determine if the suspicious substance contains biological material and warrants further investigation. First responders have several significant factors to consider before purchasing biodetection technologies, including:

• ease-of-use in the field
• weight and size
• total time from sample to answer
• type, usefulness, and accuracy of results
• total cost of ownership (e.g., hardware, consumables, and training needs) understanding that the reagent cost, shelf-life, instrument maintenance, and upgrades are significant contributors.

This report summarizes commercially-available, hand-portable technologies that can be used by first responders in the field. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor an endorsement of any technology described herein. Rather, this report is meant to provide useful information about available technologies to help end-users make informed decisions about biodetection technology procurement and use. Information listed in this report is primarily vendor-provided; however, where possible it has been supplemented with additional information obtained from publications, reports, and websites. Manufacturers were given the chance to review summaries of their technologies from August through November 2012 to verify the accuracy of technical specifications, available references, and pricing.

Comparing biodetection technologies is challenging in the absence of independent, standardized, third-party testing. Many factors can impact measured performance metrics such as sensitivity (limit of detection) and selectivity (cross-reactivity). Environmental conditions, sample type, target threat agent, and degree of sample preparation all impact a technology’s performance and make it difficult, if not impossible, to directly compare data generated for different technologies tested under different (and typically not well-defined) conditions. Vendor-provided performance metrics are listed, and where possible, shown in relation to the quantity (rather than concentration) of organism detected, because different technologies require different sample volumes (which ultimately affects the sensitivity of a test). Where possible, publicly available, peer-reviewed publications that evaluate the performance of a technology have been used; however, such publications are rare and often outdated. Available references are listed along with a short summary of findings and the technology’s applicability for testing solid samples (e.g., powders).

This report has been organized based on grouping similar technologies relevant to investigating potential biological threat incidents. These include the following:

• sample collection kits
• non-specific assays including protein, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and spectroscopic assays
• immunoassays
• polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based detection systems.

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Source: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

July 26, 2013 - Simple System for Isothermal DNA Amplification Coupled to Lateral Flow Detection


Infectious disease diagnosis in point-of-care settings can be greatly improved through integrated, automated nucleic acid testing devices. We have developed an early prototype for a low-cost system which executes isothermal DNA amplification coupled to nucleic acid lateral flow (NALF) detection in a mesofluidic cartridge attached to a portable instrument. Fluid handling inside the cartridge is facilitated through one-way passive valves, flexible pouches, and electrolysis-driven pumps, which promotes a compact and inexpensive instrument design. The closed-system disposable prevents workspace amplicon contamination. The cartridge design is based on standard scalable manufacturing techniques such as injection molding. Nucleic acid amplification occurs in a two-layer pouch that enables efficient heat transfer. We have demonstrated as proof of principle the amplification and detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb) genomic DNA in the cartridge, using either Loop Mediated Amplification (LAMP) or the Exponential Amplification Reaction (EXPAR), both coupled to NALF detection. We envision that a refined version of this cartridge, including upstream sample preparation coupled to amplification and detection, will enable fully-automated sample-in to answer-out infectious disease diagnosis in primary care settings of low-resource countries with high disease burden.

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Source: PLOS One

February 14, 2013 - Claremont BioSolutions visits UCSD for the 34th Semiannual Biotechnology Calendar’s Vendor Showcase

On February 14, 2013 Claremont BioSolutions attended the 34th Semiannual Biotechnology Calendar’s Vendor Showcase held at UCSD in the Price Center Ballroom. The event featured the industry’s most cutting edge technologies for life sciences. ClaremontBio also unveiled its latest innovation, the Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser to the UCSD community, alongside our current showcase of products for tissue homogenization, cell lysis, gDNA extraction, protein purification, and sample recovery.

If you would like to sign up for an event, please visit Interested in visiting us at our next event? Sign up for our mailing list to find out where we will be next! Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!

October 17, 2012 - Claremont BioSolutions Announces Strategic Investment and Technology Development Agreement with IQT.

Partnership with IQT will accelerate commercialization of Prep-on-a-Chip technology

Upland, CA – October 3, 2012 – Claremont BioSolutions, LLC, pioneer of micromotor-based rapid sample preparation devices, today announced a strategic partnership and technology development agreement with In‐Q‐Tel (IQT) to accelerate commercialization of its Prep-on-a-Chip sample preparation platform. IQT, based in Arlington, VA, is the independent strategic investment firm that identifies, adapts, and delivers, technologies that support the missions of the US intelligence community.

Claremont BioSolutions has harnessed the mechanical energy of micromotors used in the cell phone industry to create entirely disposable sample preparation devices that efficiently lyse any cell type, and simultaneously extract DNA or RNA. The battery-powered devices are currently hand-operated using a syringe or pipettor to transport the sample through a small chamber where cells are lysed, and nucleic acids are extracted in less than five minutes.

“The In-Q-Tel investment will aid us in our mission to multiplex and automate the handling of the devices, completing our development of the Prep-on-a-Chip™ platform” Gary Blackburn, CEO, said in a statement. “The technology is unique in that it can be readily integrated into disposable diagnostic cartridges, making POC and field-use of molecular diagnostics a realizable goal.”

“Claremont BioSolutions has taken an innovative approach to nucleic acid extraction,” said Syd Ulvick, Senior Vice President in charge of Physical and Biological Technologies at IQT, “We believe that further development of this technology will provide valuable capabilities for both the public and private sector.”

About Claremont BioSolutions.

Claremont BioSolutions ( is a privately held, emerging growth technology company specializing in disposable devices that provide solutions to what is recognized as the “bottleneck” of DNA diagnostics – sample preparation. The company has developed proprietary devices which employ micromotors to perform very efficient mechanical cell lysis and DNA purification.

Gary Blackburn, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Claremont BioSolutions, LLC
Phone: (626) 825-6962
Fax: (909) 946-1132
Address: 1182 Monte Vista, Ave., Suite 11
Upland, CA. 91786


Source: Press Release

• July 16, 2012 - Claremont BioSolutions Awarded $3M Phase II SBIR NIH Grant

Claremont BioSolutions, LLC announced today that it has been awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the NIH/NIAID. The $3M award, entitled “A fully integrated assay and platform for detecting Clostridium difficile” will fund a collaborative effort coordinated by ClaremontBio. Collaborators include Angelika Niemz at the Keck Graduate Institute ( in Claremont, CA, David Boyle at Seattle-based PATH (, and Ciaran Kelly at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

“The NIH award will allow us to develop a small bench-top device to detect Clostridium difficile both in patients and from potentially contaminated surfaces in healthcare facilities. C. difficile is now the most common hospital-acquired infection and has become a major cost factor in hospitals and nursing homes,” commented ClaremontBio’s Chief Technology Officer, Bruce Irvine. “The instrument which will be developed under this award will allow rapid, near-patient diagnosis of C. difficile, benefitting both the patient and the healthcare facility by cutting the time to treatment and reducing the threat of facility contamination.” He continued, “The same instrument will also help facilities reduce costs by using it to monitor and then react immediately to any contamination problems.”

ClaremontBio’s CEO, Dr. Gary Blackburn, commented that “we welcome this ‘validation’ of our technologies following our successful completion of the Phase I SBIR award last year. We have a new approach to sample prep that will deliver diagnostic answers rapidly to caregivers, researchers, and technicians in a wide range of environments and industries.”
About Claremont BioSolutions.

Claremont BioSolutions ( is an emerging growth diagnostics company with unique solutions to the “bottleneck” of sample preparation that is an essential first step to any DNA or RNA diagnostic test. The company has pioneered efforts to integrate sample preparation into sample-to-answer disposable cartridges as the front-end to nearly any amplification and detection scheme co-integrated into the same cartridge. ClaremontBio’s devices impart mechanical energy directly to the fluid to lyse cells and extract DNA or RNA and, for some application, fragment or shear the nucleic acid in a controlled fashion. The sample prep process is complete in less than five minutes and requires only a battery pack, no other instruments.

Contact Name: Bruce Irvine
Claremont BioSolutions, LLC
E-Mail: info(at)claremontbio(dot)com
Phone: (877) 920-3887
Fax: (909) 946-1132
Address: 1182 Monte Vista, Ave., Suite #11
Upland, CA. 91786

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Source: Press Release

• December 14, 2011 - Claremont BioSolutions and Funakoshi Announce Distribution Agreement for Japan

Claremont BioSolutions, LLC (ClaremontBio) announced today that it has reached an agreement with Funakoshi for the distribution of its products for sample preparation, DNA isolation, and protein purification in Japan. The agreement reflects ClaremontBio’s expansion of its marketing efforts into Asia and Europe.

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• December 5, 2011 - Claremont BioSolutions, LLC Reaches Distribution Agreement with Bioquote Limited

Claremont BioSolutions, LLC announced today that it has reached an agreement with Bioquote Limited for the distribution of its products for sample preparation, DNA isolation, and protein purification in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The agreement extends ClaremontBio’s reach into European markets and expands the customer base of their novel products for sample preparation.

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• July 13, 2011 - ClaremontBio Announces Official Release of HisExpress™ Columns

Claremont BioSolutions, LLC (ClaremontBio) announced today the official release of its HisExpress™ disposable columns for rapid His-tagged protein purification in less than three minutes. The HisExpress™ column is one of two products being officially released to the market in July that focuses on the need for a quick and simple method of protein purification. HisExpress™ columns feature easy and efficient protocols for researchers in the life science and diagnostics fields.

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• July 5, 2011 - Interview with ClaremontBio's Bruce Irvine

ClaremontBio's Chief Technology Officer, Bruce Irvine, had an opportunity to sit down with International Innovation, a magazine dedicated to reporting the cutting edge of science and technology from around the world. The magazine is featuring the interview in its July 2011 editions. The interview highlights the development of the development of the PureLyse ® DNA Extraction Kit and the unique technology that makes it ideal for inclusion in fully-integrated meical diagnostics. The article also includes details about working with C. diff and how point-of-care devices could reduce the bacteria's prevelance in hospitals and help reduce hospital-acquired infections.

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• June 20, 2011 - ClaremontBio announces release of MSDS sheets for safe Binding and Elution Buffers

ClaremontBio is proud to offer sample prep devices that are safe, disposable, and offer an insignificant impact on the environment. Many leading DNA purification kits use harsh chemicals for the cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction steps that require special disposal and safety measures. All of ClaremontBio's PureLyse ® DNA Extraction Kits, however, use only reagents that are completely safe to dispose down the drain and are non-toxic.

View the Binding Buffer MSDS
View the Elution Buffer MSDS

• June 6, 2011 - ClaremontBio is Proud to Announce its Use of Only Environmentally Friendly Products

Claremont Biosolutions recognizes the importance of green technology and sustainable products that will help preserve the world for future generations. In accordance with this belief ClaremontBio is proud to announce its compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). This includes the use of only lead, mercury, and cadmium-free materials as well as other restrictions designed to improve the environment. Scientists at ClaremontBio strive to make buffers and reagents that are as environmentally friendly as possible. As a result all of ClarmontBio's extraction kits leave virtually zero footprint, are safely disposable, and require no harsh chemicals.

Learn more about RoHS
Learn more about sustainability

• May 30, 2011 - ClaremontBio Would Like to Congratulate Our Very Own Tanya Ferguson for the Publication of Her Article "Point-of-care nucleic acid testing for infectious diseases"

Nucleic acid testing (NAT) is quickly becoming an important technology for detecting infectious diseases, especially in point-of-care settings. Current NAT devices require PCR and are restricted to hospitals and large laboratories. However, with the emergence of new isothermal nucleic acid amplification methods it is possible to perform NAT in far more settings and with a turn around time of less than an hour. Detecting pathogens quickly is very important for preventing their spread and making sure correct treatments are prescribed as soon as possible. Development of nucleic acid testing will continue to be a crucial step in the continuing fight against deadly infectious diseases.

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• May 15, 2011 - ClaremontBio's next-generation sample prep devices featured in Genetic Engineering News.

ClaremontBio is pleased to announce that the OmniLyse® Cell Lysis Kit, PureLyse® DNA Extraction Kit, and His-Express™ Protein Purification Columns were all highlighted in the most recent issue of Genetic Engineering News. The article notes the ease-of-use of all of the devices and the fact that they can be used to lyse cells and extract DNA or protein in under 10 minutes. The article also points out that ClaremontBio’s new devices can handle a wide range of volumes and are ready made to be incorporated as components in larger devices.

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• May 7, 2011 - ClaremontBio is Pleased to Announce the Publication of "Mechanical Disruption of Lysis-Resistan Bacteria using a Miniature, Low Power, Disposable Device" in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Cell lysis is an important component of the molecular detection of microorganisms because it allows nucleic acids and proteins within the cell to be released. Performing adequate lysis on gram-positive bacteria and other hard-to-lyse cells has been difficult, however, due to the thick cell-walls of these organisms. To investigate how these thick-walled organisms could be lyses the efficiency of ClaremontBio's OmniLyse® Cell Lysis Kit was compared to Biospec's Mini-beadbeaterTM as well as several combinations of beads and time intervals. This work was a joint effort between Claremont BioSolutions, the Keck Graduate Institute, and the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute.

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• April 5, 2011 - ClaremontBio Presents at 4th Annual Sample Prep Conference

Claremont Biosolutions recently had the pleasure of attending the Knowledge Foundation's 4th Annual Sample Prep Conference held in San Diego, California. The Knowledge Foundation's Sample Prep Conference is an internationally recognized meeting for experts in sample preparation technologies for detection and identification of biological and chemical agents and threats. As an exhibitor ClaremontBio had the opportunity to present to government, industry, and academic experts from across the world.

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