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Who We Are

ClaremontBio provides laboratories with low-priced, user-friendly devices for molecular diagnostics and bioscience research. The company has developed a family of proprietary products for the ultra-fast mechanical lysis of cells, the extraction and purification of genomic DNA, and the cost-effective, real-time detection of amplified DNA sequences. Claremont BioSolutions has focused on developing products that combine speed with ease-of-use.

From OmniLyse® kits for cell lysis to PureLyse® kits for DNA extraction to the FluoriSense products for real-time detection, Claremont BioSolutions expects to revolutionize the ways in which laboratories perform sample preparation from any biological sample. Our R&D team provides the expertise for the development of these break-through products while our office team fosters to deliver high-quality and expert customer service.

We offer our products to academic and commercial laboratories, molecular diagnostics and biotechnology companies as well as customers in applied testing markets that include forensics, animal testing, food testing and biodefense organizations.

Our Vision

Claremont BioSolutions (ClaremontBio) is dedicated to next-generation devices for lysis and nucleic acid extraction from microbial cells for PCR ready sample. Key focuses on ClaremontBio's novel technology are ease of use, disposability, cost effectiveness, versatility, elimination of extensive protocols, as well as elimination of the need for additional lab equipment such as centrifuges and wash baths.This novel technology can be applied to point-of-care systems, mini flow through platforms and various other integrations.

Our Mission

Claremont BioSolutions is dedicated to being the leading provider of next-generation, easy-to-use devices for cell lysis, DNA extraction and purification, amplification and detection. We aim to enhance the productivity of our customers in molecular and genomics-based research and diagnostics across a range of automation levels and price points.