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Item# 04.270.48 microHomogenizer - with 1.5mL Tubes - 48 Pack Item# 04.272.48 microHomogenizer - with 2.0mL Tubes - 48 Pack
microHomogenizer kits for tissue homogenization in a microfuge tube. microHomogenizer kits for tissue homogenization in a microfuge tube.

Tissue Homogenization Kits

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Product Overview:

microHomogenizer™ tissue homogenization kits are an exciting product from ClaremontBio, capable of preparing samples in a disposable & convenient device in minutes without the need for long overnight tissue digestion in preparation for downstream applications such as DNA extraction, RNA extraction, and protein purification.

microHomogenizer™ kits are a beta technology from ClaremontBio that homogenize tissue samples ranging from mouse heart, tail, liver, and brain to plant tissue samples, all in a microfuge tube provided by ClaremontBio. The microHomogenizer™ tissue grinders can be used in preparation for any downstream application you prefer.

Literature and Resources:


microHomogenizer - Tissue Homogenization Protocol

Additional Information:

ClaremontBio: microHomogenizer for tissue homogenization for RNA isolation - Product Page

Key Features:
  • Ultra-rapid, easy to use protocol: No long overnight digestions necessary
  • Prepare Samples for Downstream Applications: gDNA extraction, RNA extraction, protein purification.

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