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SimplePrep® X8 or X1 Instrument

Automated Lysis & Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform

All-in-one automated cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction in a truly integrated, multiplexed, and easy-to-use sample preparation instrument. In only 6 minutes, lysis and isolation can be achieved for the planet's hardest-to-lyse organisms.

Product Overview

ClaremontBio’s SimplePrep® X8 or X1 is an all-in-one automated cell lysis and nucleic acid extraction instrument designed to rapidly isolate DNA or RNA from hard-to-lyse bacterial samples within complex sample matrices in only 6 minutes. Samples are rapidly lysed and subsequently purified in a true hands-free workflow without the need for tedious centrifuge steps or time-consuming incubation periods. The SimplePrep® instrument utilizes self-contained, disposable cartridges to rapidly extract nucleic acids from 1 to 8 samples all-at-once, providing high yields of PCR-ready nucleic acids even when high concentrations of PCR inhibitors are present. Controlled by a programmable touch-screen interface, protocols can be stored and recalled quickly for changing sample types without any additional instrumentation.

SimplePrep® cartridges utilize ClaremontBio’s proprietary miniaturized mechanical lysis technology that provide rapid lysis of all types of bacterial samples, followed by the isolation of nucleic acids via binding, washing, and elution of the same beads used for lysis. Employing these unique, disposable (RoHS compliant) micro-motors, automated extraction of nucleic acids can be attained from extremely challenging sample types, such as sporulated gram-positive bacteria or various other hard-to-lyse bacterial samples (such as Clostridium difficile spores) within complex matrices such as stool or soil.

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Protocol Overview:
The first honest protocol for cell lysis & nucleic acid extraction with no hidden steps, incubation periods, or additional equipment required. Designed to provide flexibility to both experienced lab personnel as well as inexperienced users, default protocols provide seamless sample prep configurations with minimal set-up, while customizable protocols allow for optimization for complete control of the end users sample runs.

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QIAamp Visual ProtocolMaxwell 16 Visual ProtocolDNeasy Visual Protocol MagNA Pure Visual ProtocolQIAcube Visual ProtocolPowerSoil Visual Protocol

Key Benefits:
• 6 minute Sample Prep for the hardest-to-lyse organisms around
• Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Interface
• Process 1-8 Samples Simultaneously
• Compact Size for Lab Bench Space Flexibility
• User Programmable Protocols
• Protocol Storage
• Extracts PCR ready DNA in the presence of highly concentrated inhibitors (e.g., Humic Acid Conc. up to 6 mg/ml; Hematin conc. up to 2 mg/ml)
• 110V power supply or internal rechargeable battery or 12VDC car adapter
• Up to 0.5 ml Sample Size
• Variable Elution Size

General Instrument Dimensions:
Height: 8.5” (215mm)
Width: X8, 18” (460mm) / X1, 8" (203mm)
Depth: 5” (125mm) (at base)

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